Electric Guitar Lessons in London

Helping You Become The Guitar Player That You Want To Be

  • Are you struggling to improve your guitar playing?
  • Do you want to play your favourite songs on electric guitar but struggle to get them right?
  • Do you want to become a better electric guitar player, but can’t seem to make progress?

Then you are at the right place! We exist to solve all of your guitar playing problems. We will make learning the electric guitar easy for you. Before we tell you how we do that, let’s talk a bit more about you:

Does this sound like your guitar playing at the moment?

You probably know a few chords. Maybe you have learnt a riff or two. But when it comes to being able to play your favourite songs, all the way through, you can’t quite manage it. There are a lot of parts you really struggle with, and you make a lot of random, frustrating and silly mistakes. No matter how much you practice, things don’t seem to improve. Your fingers just don’t do the right things at the right time. When you are changing chords, your fingers are “dancing” on the strings. They can’t move fast enough to be able to play the songs that you want to play and you can’t quite co-ordinate them as well as you would like to. Your right hand hits random strings that annoyingly ring out over what you are playing.

It’s frustrating. It’s annoying. And you are not sure how to fix it.

But you know it is possible to fix... because you can see other people play those songs.

Maybe you have tried taking lessons before. They were probably fun, but each lesson was the same sort of deal - you turn up, get a sheet with something new, have a go, struggle through, look at something else next week. Either way, it was the same story - a tale of frustration that never seemed to end. But we will change that. Guitar lessons do not have to be frustrating.

When you daydream about the guitar player that you want to be... who do you see?

Would you enjoy it if you could play your favourite songs... and get them right, every single time? Would it be awesome if you could pick up your guitar and before touching a single string, you had complete confidence that you were going to play the song correctly, without making mistakes? Do you wish you could improvise and jam with other guitar players, playing with confidence and knowing what you are doing, rather than being unsure and having to ask what is happening? Do you wish you knew how to even get started doing that??

So why can't you do those things at the moment? Because those are things that we will help you do.

These Are The 5 Reasons Why You Struggle To Make Progress With Your Guitar Playing:

1. You choose random things to practice
If you are teaching yourself or taking typical guitar lessons, what you are working on is completely random. One day you practice a bit of a scale, the next you look something up on YouTube, the day after that you take a look at your favourite song. Have you ever watched a video of a cat chasing a laser pointer? That is what you are doing with your practice materials! The ideal way to learn, would be to have a course of materials, that have been specifically tailored to your needs and learning style, that incrementally build up your skills, abilities and knowledge every single week. When you choose to study electric guitar with us, we will take the time to find out what it is you want to learn and where your guitar playing is currently at, so we can tailor a course to meet your needs and your learning style. This helps make sure that you consistently make progress with your guitar playing.

2. You do not know how to practice
A very common problem which I am sure you have faced is the question... “How should I practice?”. Should your practising consist of playing scales to a metronome for 60 minutes? For 15 minutes? For 2 minutes? How should you balance working on your chord knowledge and your scales knowledge? Should you only practice playing songs... or should you not practice playing songs at all? What is the best way to divide your time? Should you play things fast or practice them slowly? Or a combination of the two? The problem is, until you have become a very advanced player, you cannot answer these questions! So what is the easiest way for you to find the answers that you need? The best way is for you to not answer them, and have an expert answer them for you. When you choose to study electric guitar with us, we will be able to adjust your practice schedule week by week so that you are focussing on the things that you need to focus on and still have time for the fun things that you want to play. (If you reflect for a moment on your practicing to date, I’m sure you will realise that the random approach to practising has been holding you back).

3. You are given things to play but do not understand how to play them
This is a very common mistake that every self taught person has. When you look at a tab, piece of music or a chord progression; you are told what to play - you are told the frets that you need to hold down and what strings to strum or pick. However, what you are not told is how to play those notes and chords. You are not told:

⁃ How your pick should be moving. There are very specific ways to move the pick when picking a string, going between strings and when strumming a chord, playing a riff etc. When you don’t move the pick in the correct way, you start playing random mistakes (such as accidentally picking the wrong string, or hitting open strings by mistake). You will also find that controlling the pick is very difficult (for example, when you try to play something a little bit faster and your playing completely falls apart). This allows you to play your favourite songs and have them sound great, every single time.

⁃ How your fret hand and fingers should be moving. A common problem a lot of guitar players have is not being able to change chords quickly or in time with the music. You probably find that you can get chords sounding great when you play them one at a time... but getting the changes to sound good can be very challenging - unless, you know the right way to move your fingers between chords. When you know the right way to move your fingers from one chord to the next, or how to move your fingers through a solo or lick properly, playing the part correctly is just a matter of putting in some time practising - success is guaranteed! Hopefully this demonstrates the difference between having something to play, and understanding how to play something.

4. You have constant doubt and uncertainty about what you are doing

Without having a great teacher guide your development as a guitar player, it is almost impossible to avoid doubt and uncertainty. When you are teaching yourself, or taking lessons with a mediocre teacher, you will quite often find yourself wondering if you are dong the right thing, practising the right things, playing things correctly, etc. I’m sure you have experienced this a lot in the past. This self doubt and worrying can quickly eat away at your motivation to practice and can leave you wondering “maybe I’m just not meant to play guitar?” “Maybe I’m just not very good?”. When you choose to learn electric guitar with us, all this worrying, doubt and frustration goes away, because you know that you are always working on the things that you need to be working on.

5. You do not understand how to overcome obstacles that you face

When you are learning to play guitar, you constantly come up against things that you struggle to play and things that do not make sense to you. I know I did when I was learning all those years ago, The problem is... how do you overcome your problems? The only solutions I could find were to:

- Put more and more time into practising. To me, this seemed like the obvious answer. But it was frustrating... because I would get some improvement, but not much. Have you ever experienced this?

- Search the internet trying to find answers. This also seemed like an obvious answer. But again, it was frustrating. There are so many different opinions... how do you separate fact from fiction? How do you know what really works... and how do you know what works for you? You get someone who knows you, how you learn and where you are at with your playing who will give you the answers that you need, in a way that you can understand them. When you don’t have this, you are at a huge disadvantage to electric guitar players that do have this vital resource. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, let us show you how!

The 4 Reasons Why You Will Make Massive Progress Taking Guitar Lessons With Us

1. Lessons that are tailored to what you need to learn

Guitar lessons with us are different to any guitar lessons that you have taken before. We will work out a plan for you, that is based on where you are currently at with your ability, where you want to get to and the challenges that you are facing with your guitar playing. Everything you learn in class is going to be congruent with your plan. You will learn the things that you need to know to improve your guitar playing, when you need to know them. We aren’t going to take a “cookie cutter” approach and teach everyone exactly the same thing. You learn what you need to learn, to be the guitar player that you want to be.

2. Learn the right things, the right way, at the right time

We are going to teach you the right things, the right way, at the right time. This is how we make sure you are consistently making progress with your guitar playing. What does this mean?

The Right Things - these are the things that you need to know, that are relevant to you and that are necessary for you to become the guitar player that you want to be The Right Way - there are many different systems, methods and concepts for learning things like scales, songs, chords, strumming etc. We have done the hard work of looking at all these different systems and ideas; and we have worked out which ones are the best ones for you, that will help you learn as quickly as possible. We take the right things that you need to know, and we teach them to you in the right way, so that you can learn them quickly and simply.

The Right Time - It is no good if we present you with the right things, teach them the right way, but it is the wrong time for you to learn them! A lot of concepts and skills, especially with the guitar, need to be taught in a specific order... and that order is not the same for every person. We make sure that you learn new things in the order that you need. This helps ensure that you understand everything that we teach you, and that we appropriately push your ability level.

3. Problem Solving

Now, we both know that there will be things that you pick up really quickly and that there will be some things that you struggle with. When it come to challenges on the electric guitar, We have a process for identifying guitar playing problems that students have, diagnosing the cause, creating a solution and then training them on the solution, so that the problem no longer exists. The process works every single time - it has worked for every student we have in the past... and it will work for you and every challenge that you will face in the future. By following this method, each class, we will incrementally increase your ability, and take you closer, step by step, to becoming the guitar player that you want to be.

4. Consistent Improvement

We are going to make sure that every single lesson, you improve your guitar playing. We are going to ensure, that you leave each class a better guitar player than when you entered. We do this by continuously training you, rather than just presenting you with new topics. Rather than asking you to learn a solo you like, we show you how to play the solo, how your pick should be moving, how your fingers should be moving and the things you need to pay attention to and how to use the different techniques required. Rather than asking you to play a new chord progression, we show you how to improve your chord changes, we will show you how to find problems in your chord changes and fix them and we will show you how to change chords in time properly; so that your playing sounds great. We don’t say “play this”, we train you on playing great, every time.

What Are The Benefits to You, of Taking Electric Guitar Classes With Us?

  • Learn the right way to play guitar, so that you can enjoy playing your favourite songs
  • Get advice and solutions for your guitar problems from a professional teacher, so that you never have to worry or struggle by yourself.
  • We will put together a plan to get you from where you are, to where you want to be, so that you never have to worry about whether or not you are studying the right things. we work it all out for you!
  • Meet other guitar players who want to improve their guitar playing, just like you!
  • Learn how to improvise and jam with other guitar players, so that you can have confidence and enjoy playing with others
  • Get trained on the right way to play electric guitar, so that every time you goto play your favourite songs, you play them correctly - no more making silly and frustrating mistakes!
  • When you see yourself getting better every single class, you will enjoy learning to play guitar, rather than get frustrated by it
  • Learn how to play with confidence, so that playing in-front of others becomes fun and enjoyable
  • Classes that are tailored for where you are at with your playing, so you get the right things at the time time and can consistently make progress with your guitar playing
  • End your frustrations so that you can enjoy playing guitar!

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